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Fun with Failure was created as an antidote to the “perfect” social media filters that bombard us everyday. Too often people only see our crowning achievements but not the work, process and struggle that went into them. And well, that’s just some straight up bullshirt. 

About the Host:

Dr. Alexis Carreiro is a business communication coach, author, and public speaker. She’s a retired Communication professor who has a background in improv comedy and documentary filmmaking. She can often be found embarrassing herself in social situations. (See photo.)

 Her favorite podcasts are: Armchair ExpertGood One; Pop Culture Happy Hour; You Made it Weird; The Hilarious World of Depression; and WTF.

You’ll like this podcast if you:

  • appreciate people who are willing to make fun of their mistakes and insecurities
  • love to fail
  • take risks but don’t love to fail
  • are afraid to fail and hate everything about it (Same girl, same.)