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Fun with Failure explores our relationship to failure and the lessons we’ve learned from it. Everyone, every team, and every business experiences failure at some point; but it’s how you deal with it that really matters. Fun with Failure was created as an antidote to the “perfect” social media filters that bombard us everyday. Too often people only see our crowning achievements but not the work, process and struggle that went into them.

Ultimately, it’s a podcast about individual and organizational resilience.

About the Host:

Dr. Alexis Carreiro is a “retired” Communications professor. She earned her Ph.D. (and began her teaching career) at the University of Texas-Austin. Their Communication & Media Studies program is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 media studies programs in the world. In 2011, Queens University of Charlotte hired her to help them implement a $5.75 million dollar grant from the Knight Foundation focused on digital literacy. She worked as a professor there for eight years.

Since leaving Queens, she co-founded a clean-tech, blockchain company ( and launched her own business (The Pitch Prof). As a business communication coach, she specializes in: investor pitches, business presentations, and public speaking. She help clients develop, design, and deliver their presentations for maximum ROI. She originally developed the concept of “Fun with Failure” as a coaching strategy to use with clients afraid of public speaking.

She has a background in improv comedy, documentary filmmaking, and embarrassing herself in social situations. (See photo.)

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