EP 07: Alesha Stegemeyer on Food, TV, and Design

by | Aug 10, 2019 | Episodes

Alesha Stegemeyer is the owner of Little Spoon, a Myers Park neighborhood breakfast and lunch spot in Charlotte, North Carolina. At Little Spoon, they’re serious about two things: serving great food and having fun. In this episode, we discuss her background in fashion design, hip hop, the TV industry, and why a debilitating car accident “is one of the best things that ever happened” to her.

Topic & Key Ideas
  • Why an “R&D” trip to LA with her chef was one of her favorite trips
  • Why I shout out the buttermilk pancakes at The Omelettry in Austin, TX
  • Why she considers herself a “scandalous hostess”
  • How her design school experience led to a job in the TV industry
  • Why she says a debilitating car accident “is one of the best things that ever happened to me”
  • Why she hosts a brunch every year in honor of a bunny
  • Why closing her other restaurant, Comida, wasn’t a failure
  • Why being in your 40’s is awesome (Hint” “mid life crisis = mid-life catalyst = mid-life clarity”)

“My present definition of failure is the inability to evolve… and the inability to let something go that wasn’t meant to be.” 

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