EP 15: Greg Brown, Why Investors Have to be Comfortable with Failure

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Episodes

Greg Brown is President and Owner of Cardinal Finance which provides fractional CFO and other financial advisory services to small and mid-sized businesses. He is also the Administrator of Charlotte Angel Fund, one of the most active angel investor funds in North Carolina. Greg has served as the Chief Financial Officer of multiple venture capital backed private and early stage public companies, and has ten years of experience in 

the venture capital industry. His career has been devoted to serving entrepreneurs and the companies that they create as a trusted business partner and investor.

In this episode, we discuss:
  • The biggest challenge for growing the entrepreneurial scene in Charlotte
  • The biggest financial mistakes he often sees start-ups make
  • Why his advice to “go get a no” is a great “Fun with Failure” challenge!
  • Why investors have to be comfortable with failure
  • Why investments fail:  wrong idea, wrong people, and/or wrong time
  • What the Charlotte Angel Fund is — and the types of companies they usually invest in
  • How the Charlotte Angel Fund is a “participatory group”
  • Why they’re opening the doors to their monthly meeting for Seed the South in January 2020 
  • How to be transparent when talking to an investor
  • Why they start the post-pitch discussion with “let’s talk about why we should invest” — instead of “why we shouldn’t”
  • Why the Charlotte Angel Fund isn’t usually “the lead investor”
  • Why you should never present your “emailed” pitch deck in person
  • Why he looks for “diversity” on the team of a start-up
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