EP 13: Haley Bohon Inspired This Podcast

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Episodes

Haley Bohon is the founder and CEO of SkillPop. SkillPop hosts in-person, pop-up classes in the Southeast taught by local professionals and experts. The courses range photography & gardening to sales, marketing, and more. Skillpop has hosted over 2500 classes and has facilitated learning for more than 20,000 students. Haley graduated from NC State University with her B.S in Mechanical Engineering and started her career in 

Product Development for a Fortune 500 company and in project management for a local Charlotte tech company.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Haley helped inspired the “Fun with Failure” podcast    
  • Why she wanted to back out of the interview!
  • Why sharing “failure stories” will actually help build Charlotte’s start-up scene
  • What drew her to study mechanical engineering
  • Why working at both a high-growth company and a start-up early in her career was such  a valuable experience
  • How getting her B.S. in mechanical engineering helped make her “resilient”
  • What was the idea that sparked SkillPop
  • How SkillPop “ started with a need I had — and a trend I noticed”
  • Why she felt like she was “drowning” before attending TechStars in Austin, Texas
  • Why SkillPop’s original expansion failed in Nashville, TN – and what she did to fix it 
  • What’s the one piece of advice she has for entrepreneurs just starting their business
  • “It’s normal to try things and to start businesses and to have it not run perfectly every single time. And the more you see that, the more it becomes normalized.” 
  • “How much more effective could I be if I was doing something that used my strengths instead of left them on the shelf?”
  • “I really try to look at failure as… what can we learn from this? And how can we change going forward?”
  • “What really feels like failure to me is when you’re not trying.